Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reading Intervention For Teachers!?

Reading Intervention For Teachers?!

Some reading interventions cost as much as $3,000 per student to implement why!
They cost so much to make them teacher proof, parent proof and student proof! 
The reason many kids cant read or wont read is many teacher fail to demand result
from students and parents. Many teachers give parents and students exactly what 
they want and demand, no stress, low expectations, low intensity, easy, zero 
failure, with copious amount of praise. 

No pain No Gain?!

Reading Intervention Real Program Cost

The cost for most reading intervention programs is about $100-$250 per students per year. This may seem to be a usury licence fee that does not include teaching maternal, books, training, software, or teaching cost . $100 per student sounds like a bargain to help a child read, but that fee is just to use what amounts to best practice. $4,000-$20,000 per class or $25,000-$75,000 for an average site or building licence starts to ad up for a cash strapped district. The licence fee is just the start so price and overall cost can range greatly based of teacher training, teaching materials, software, basils, workbooks and the cost of the teachers time. Reading intervention programs are a billion dollar industry in the US and gaining traction with a society that is less prone to value children's literacy. Most published reading programs have shown little statistical growth as compared with a motivated highly trained teacher using best practice. The Chicago Public School district will spend around $12,900,000 to implement a published reading intervention program 2010-2011. Finding actual real cost or cost benefit analysis is virtually impossible because of pricing structure that the publishers use to hide the real totals from public scrutiny.


Excerpt from Reading Between the Lines by Stephen Metcalf "And, not surprising­ly, the Bush legislatio­n has ardent supporters in the testing and textbook publishing industries­. executive for publishing giant NCS Pearson addressed a Waldorf ballroom filled with Wall Street analysts. According to Education Week, the executive displayed a quote from President-­elect Bush calling for state testing and school-by-­school report cards, and announced, "This almost reads like our business plan." The bill has allotted $387 million to get states up to speed; the National Associatio­n of State Boards of Education estimates that properly funding the testing mandate could cost anywhere from $2.7 billion to $7 billion. The bottom line? "This promises to be a bonanza for the testing companies,­" says Monte Neill of FairTest, a Boston-bas­ed nonprofit. "Fifteen states now test in all the grades Bush wants. All the rest are going to have to increase the amount of testing they do." Testing was already big business: According to Peter Sacks, author of Standardiz­ed Minds: The High Price of America's Testing Culture and What We Can Do to Change It, between 1960 and 1989 sales of standardiz­ed tests to public schools more than doubled, while enrollment increased only 15 percent. Over the past five years alone, state testing expenditur­es have almost tripled, from $141 million to $390 million, according to Achieve Inc., a standards-­movement group formed by governors and CEOs. "


Food for thought, students that struggle with learning to reading lose hope and dignity. We forget that resiliency has an expiration date for most students. I refuse to let my students lose hope and dignity by teaching them ALL to read! Crash through the expectation of student failure. 
What is the cost of most published reading interventions?


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"copious amount of praise"...its funny, that is happening in sports right now...
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