Thursday, September 30, 2010

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction or Personalized Education Plans

Every child gets instruction based on individual interest, learning preference, learning style, readiness level, ability, preferred mode of learning and thats just to start. Wow, that works for home school but looses its effectiveness in a class of 30! One teacher with 30 students and they want all that plus amazing results is impossible. Differentiated Instruction sounds like a wonderful idea or an Orwellian promise designed to keep teachers bouncing around like pinballs doing senseless retort with all students suffering mediocrity. I have a very simple educational philosophy "Teach to the TOP" and bring everyone, no matter the learning style along for the ride! Individual interest, learning preference, learning style, readiness level, ability, preferred mode of learning, is useless if you can't read! Sean Taylor M.Ed Tired Teacher


Anonymous said...

Differentiated instruction sounds amazing for students on paper but how do you make lesson plans that will actually meet the needs of all the students modalities, interest, abilities, learning styles, and readiness? It looks like you need five teachers for every child or a 50 hour school day to meet Differentiated Instruction philosophy.

Sean Taylor said...

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