Sunday, November 7, 2010

Does Teaching Have a Branding Problem?

We need to think like Lesley and corporate advertisers and use gotcha propaganda like the right regressives. Teach For America= "Educational Malpractice" "Takeaway From America" Charter Schools = "Testing Factories" "Public School Killers" NCLB "Childhood Usurpers , Killers, or Destroyers" Canned Curriculum= "Death of Imagination" "Feckless Dribble" "Mind Killer"

We must become Ronin teachers that refuse reform that feeds the pockets of cooperations. 7 years ago I stopped teaching the silver bullet reform "canned literacy program" that cost our school 50,000 dollars a year because our students could not read.( 27% reading at the mean) I did the unthinkable, when my new class of 6th graders came in, we spent the first quarter learning how to read, nothing else. We read plays, fairy tales, Harry Potter, fables, poems, history, science, myths, and just old fashioned literature. The kids tested the highest in the state in reading and language for a Title I school without the use of a canned program. They learned how tea read and reason.Using real literature the exercised their imaginations and creativity. (87% reading at the mean) So many kids loved books and became book worms.

Lets take back our schools from the publishers, reformers, politicians, and corporate media that has only their best interest at hands not our kids. Teachers are articulate and well read we need to beat the right at their own game of "Word Speak"

Sean Taylor M.Ed Ronin Teacher

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