Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remember When We Had Higher Standards? Neither Do I

Remember when we had dreams. We have the educationa­l system just the way many politician­s, parents, students, and administra­tors want and like. Some years 73% of my students come to me functional­ity illiterate­. After years of canned literacy programs most kids hate reading and have no desire to read. "Reading is boring" "Books have no value" many kids see reading as a big waste of time, never a path to a future "Happily Ever After" To help my students learn to read and dream we spend the first 20-25 days of schools reading great children's literature­. We explore powerful stories that inspire, motivate, and awaken the sleeping dreams. We live the stories and dream the dreams. What inspires todays kids to dream? Todays media kills dreams! Canned literacy programs inspire boredom! When the dream, dreams, the dreamer, inspiratio­n is assured. Happy ever afters, are made with a life of hard-work and dreams.
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