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Harry Potter Reading Activities

Harry Potter Reading Activities For Teachers!

Have your children stand or sit on their desk so they are facing the teacher. Start at either end of room and give the first child a Harry Potter Reading Comprehension question. They answer the question with the who, what, where, when, why, or how with detail showing knowledge of the readings. When students cannot give an answer to a question they say “GOBSMAKED” and must sit down. Students that answer correctly get a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and the game continues for that student. Continue the game until you are down to one child! The last child that has answered all the vocabulary gets a small bag of popcorn or other treat. Every child that answers a hard vocabulary question correctly gets a jelly bean plus a, pretzel, stamp, or a sticker. Hard question include academic reading vocabulary, plot, theme, word play, irony, antagonist, protagonist, imagery, and symbolism, etcetera. They love this activity and it's a great review of the literature and a great opportunity to teach complex literary concepts. We start with a mix of easy and hard questions to get the kids excited and ready to read the challenging books... I ask my students at the beginning of reviews if they want a hard, medium or easy question to give every child a bite of the Harry Potter apple! 

Harry Potter Reading Party!

Chocoadia Del Hermione

  • Butterbeer
  • Hogwarts Popcorn
  • Halloween Feast
  • Harry Potter Trivia Sparkle
  • Rubeus Hagrid Scottish Tea Party
  • Design a Harry Potter Board Game
  • Create Your Own Spells Using Latin Word Roots
  • Interview Harry Potter
  • Reading by candlelight
  • your ideas...

We explore Harry Potter books for magic spells, charms,and incantations to teach prefixes, suffixes and introduce Latin root words. Students use a basic Latin glossary to decode the spells from Harry Potter and make their own. 

A sample of my students invented spells using Latin Roots

Harry Potter Latin Root Words / Spells 
  • Comphotoposhous  It blinds your opponent for 10 minutes.
  • Donamorbrev  To make someone fall in love for a short time.
  • Liverphill  It gives a person free love.
  • Creadecadem  To create 10 clones of yourself.
  • Cosmdokeineiv  To teach people to be wise.
  • Viviodeca  It makes people live for 10 more years.
  • Chronacide  It kills very slowly.
  • Creacosmatic  You can make your own world.
  • Filaendo  Gives someone faith-belief.
  • Dynamgen  It makes you more powerful.
  • Anthropamor  Makes you fall in love with the first person you see.
  • Domindynam Gives power over all you command.
  • Pathymor  Suffer death instantly.
  • Zodynam A spell that can give animal power.

Why I Use Harry Potter!

I use great literature like Harry Potter as the cornerstone of my literacy program to build both reading and writing skills. WHY! The students that need the most reading assistance have a very limited reading vocabulary, written vocabulary, spoken vocabulary and or underexposed literary background. Most aspects or traits of literacy are underdeveloped or nonexistent for at-risk students. Using literature that has a great cinematic partner helps to make fast, strong, meaningful connections to the traits of great reading and writing. Students have a stronger auditory vocabulary due in part to the mass media that kids swim in from dusk till dawn. Using the student’s auditory vocabulary, background knowledge acquired from watching the movie makes connections to the book fast and easy for students. Using the auditory strength to develop the three areas of vocabulary weakness is one method that helps my students become fluent, excited, erudite readers. Students will easily transition from the cinematic settings, characters, plot, antagonist, and protagonist to the literary form using Harry Potter. Sean Taylor M.Ed

Creat Your Own Adventure!

Keeping the magic and fantasy alive for your students.
A student written collaboration that is ongoing

This story is a mix of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons. Students write, edit, and create ideas to add to the story. We play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons for ideas.

Chapter One

Blue Ice Princess

A proclamation was sent out thorough out the land of Glaceland

A call to arms
Rescue the Blue Ice Princess
From Red Dragon Castle
Any reward will be granted for the
Safe return of the princess
Signed, Blue Ice Wizard King.

The Blue Ice Wizard King wrote letters to his entire Kingdom, his friends, and Princesses friends, pleading for their help in rescuing his daughter.

Hermione, Larisas closest friend summoned her friends to gather in two days at the docks near the Red Falcon Lodge on lake stone ice. Hermione had some suspicion that the princes may have been taking by the Mountain trolls to Red Dragon Castle.
The Mountain Troll a halfling race, half man and half stone that stand about fourteen feet tall are usual passive forest dwellers staying mainly to themselves. The Mountain trolls had never tried to do something so bold as to steal a princess but they had been doing strange things over the winter and had been acting strange the last few years becoming more and more hostile. Some said they started to change after loosing their mountains and forest to King Blue Ice the usually quiet forest people had been acting more and more aggressive. It made no sense to steal the Blue Ice Princess it was her father that was cutting down the trees plus her magic cant be extracted from her to be used for evil.

On the second day as Hermione requested the friends gathered at the docks with their provisions. All the friends were happy to see each other some had not visited in many years. They started making preparations for their quest checking their weapons, armor, swords, magic spells, and food stores. Hermione greeted all her friends and thanked them for coming; she told them what she thought really happened to the princess and why. The outrageous news that the Ents had abducted the Blue Ice Princess made the friends scared and suspicious but what was really behind all of this they wondered?
The forest road to the castle was impassable during the winter because the Frost Giants were foraging for truffles and humans that were foolish enough to come through the forest. Hermione knew the roads well and said the safest way to the castle was by way of the harbor.
Crystal, Max and Wendy made their way to the docks to inquire about passage and any other news from the Red Dragon Castle. The harbormaster said the last boat was just taken by some Norsemen but he had a small rowboat that fit three people very snugly that he could let us have for 10 silver pieces. As for any news for the friends he had non-about the princess but said to stay away from the Red Dragon Castle because few returned. The friends got their provisions and made their way to the boat and decide who would go across the lake first. Harley always the one with his mouth going constantly said to his friends “I don’t need to take the boat I will just walk across the lake ice”. His friends began the smile under their eyes because Harley talked a lot but never followed through. Harley was a big man and looked as though he had never seen a bar of soap in his entire life. His nickname was Harley the Filthy or Harley the Stench. Harley stated to walk out on the ice and spun around to yell to his friends “hey look at me I told you I can walk across the lake” just then there was a loud thunderous crack and Harley screamed and fell beneath the ice. Hermione jumped and grabbed a piece of rope and threw a line to Harley . Harley grabbed the rope and pulled himself to the docks with a big sigh, the friends said “hey Harley that’s one way to take a bath!”

The lake was cold and covered with the winter ice. Many quest have been stopped trying to get to Red Dragon Castle just by the treacherous nature of the lake. The lake got its name because of the ships that were crushed by the ice that forms in the winter and seems to be enchanted. It took many hours to get all the friends across the lake it was almost dark when the last of them made it to the castle. Hermione the leader of the group said “we need to camp here for the night and we need to have a lookout for the Norsemen and the Frost Giants. Hermione told the assembly of friends to get some logs to make a fire to keep warm and to scare away the Frost Giants that may be lurking nearby. Harley and Ron collected wood and put it into a big pile to make a bonfire but looked at each other strangely because they realized they had no flint and steel. The two just stared at each other Ron looked at Harley and said how could you be so thick” Harley says, “thick, hey I wasn’t supposed to bring the flints I brought the cheese” Harley says “how could you be so brainless as not to bring flint and steel on an expedition”. Arguing back and forth blaming each other for not doing what they both forgot. Max and Princess told Harley and Ron to zip it because all their talking was giving them a headache and not helping with the fire. Ron pushes past Harley and says, “even though Harley forgot the flint I can start the fire I will bash my swords together and create a spark to start the fire”. Ron starts to bash his swords together to create a spark but when he bashes the swords together a few times they break and plop on the ground. All the friends start to laugh and say, “that was a real good idea Ron any other neat ideas?” Wendy stopped his laughing and thought hey I just learned a fire spell. Wendy says to the group, “I know how to cast a fire spell every one stand back, Illuminati Illuminati Pyrotechnic” he waits and nothing happens. Harley says, “Hey my fleas know more magic than you Wendy”. Wendy just give him a harsh stare and says, “Illuminati Illuminati Pyrotechnic“ he waits and nothing happens. Ron and Harley start to laugh and say words like they know magic. Wendy starts flailing his arms around and says, “Illuminati Illuminati Pyrotechnic“ he waits and still nothing happens the wood is just as cold as it was before he started. Wendy sat on the ground in a huff and just starts pouting. Hermione said, “It was a good try just need to practice some more”. Wendy sits dejected and embarrassed he wishes to himself that Harley and Ron's hair would catch fire, just as he imagines the words in he hears screams and yelps from Ron and Harley Harley and Ron look at each other and make a dash for the water. Hermione screams hey, “ wait we need to start the fire” Harley and Ron scream then stop and run back to the pile of wood so they can start the fire. The two burning heads make for a perfect torch and the fire starts right up, then the two dashes to the lake to put out the fire on their heads. They pull their heads out of the water and point at each other and start to laugh, “Hey look at you your bald”.
The groups of friends settle in around the fire thinking about all the dangers that they may face in the next few days. Most of the friends had a sick felling in their stomachs like they swallowed a bag of worms; everyone one was felling the stress.
Red Dragon Castle has an ominous past and had a reputation of being haunted by ghoulish creators. The castle had been built on the ruins of a ruthless tribe of orc barbarians that had terrorized the area for hundreds of years. Most travelers in the land of Glace knew the area around red Dragon Castle was a place to avoid at all cost. Frost giants, enchanted ice, ghost and the little nasties kept most inhabitants of Glace far far away from Red Dragon Castle.
Hermione tried to keep the friends calm by telling jokes and keeping the group busy but she could see that her friends where really scared. Hermione says, “anyone hungry for dinner? how about I make some ranger stew!” The group agrees they had not eaten anything all day and the thought of a hot meal was just what they needed. Ron says, “Hey I’ve got some cheese for the stew” Angels says, “ No I think we will have a cheeses free stew thank you very much” Hermione ask her friends to pitch in to make a fine stew for dinner and to look for some good herbs around the forest to spice it up. Hermione was thinking secretly that she wanted to try her magic powder on someone before they went into the castle. Hermione got the powder from an old wizard on the side of the road that said it was invisibility powder but Hermione was chicken to try it her self not really trusting the wizard. Hermione had been burned before buying cheap magic tricks.
Ron walks up behind Hermione and grabs the pouch of her belt and says you not going to try this stuff on any of us again are you? Ron said, “last time you acted so nice offering to make us dinner you put something in my dinner that turned me green with yellow stripes for a week”. Crystal grabbed the bag in Ron's hand and told him to give it back to Angel. They struggled with the bag and Crystal yanked real hard and it flew out of Ron's hand and popped Crystal in the nose. A little bit of the powder escaped during the struggle and got onto Crystal and Ron's hands. Crystal said, “I don’t fell so good” Ron said, “I fell really strange” They both scream, “what’s happening to us”. They look at each other and scream, “You’re a man!” You’re a woman!” The friends hear all the screaming and wondered what else was happening. Immense laughing breaks out the group can’t believe their eyes Ron was now a woman and Crystal was know a man. The group just laughed and said we are more dangerous that anything we’ll meet in the castle.
Sven the Viking was unable to meet the friends at the docks because he was in the land of Samaria on a mission. He sent his hawk to get a message to Hermione that he can’t meet at the docks in two days. Hermione sent back a message to meet at the base of Red Dragon Castle if he could make it. Sven explains to the king of Samaria that his friends need him and he will return after helping to rescue Larisa . Sven make s his way through the wild forest of Redgar and make camp for the night, he estimates he can make it to the Red Dragon Castle by the next night if he traverse the glace mountains in the morning. Sven gets a restless night sleep and makes his way through the mountains. He is making good time but his hunger is starting to gnaw at his belly he only brought a days trail ration and that was used up two days ago. Sven spied a small stream of smoke just on the other side of the final range of mountains he hoped it was a place he could get warm and get some food. Sven maid his way to the small inn and he though than Asgar I maid it. The Inn was a small place and just a few people sitting and talking. Sven sat down and the innkeeper came over and said, “Welcome to the Ptomaine Inn what can I get you?” Sven says, “I’ll have what ever is hot please” The innkeeper grabbed his ladle and went tot the hearth and ladle out a big bowl of brown stuff and brought it over to Sven. Sven looked at the bowl of brown stuff and said, “is this fresh” innkeeper says, “Yep its fresh I made it last week? Sven says,“ Ok then do you have any bread?” Sven starts to eat the bread and brown gruel it taste kind of strange but he’s so hungry eats the whole bowl down and ask for another. Sven pays the innkeeper and heads out for Red Dragon Castle. Sven picks up the trail to the castle and start making a fast pace he thinks to him self I will make the castle by mid afternoon.
Tuvik a rouge missionary got word of the king plight and was making his way through the forest to the castle. He was dreaming of all the things he was going to do with the mountains of gold he was going to ask the king for when he rescued the princes. Tuvik was snapped back from his daydream by a thunderous crashing trough the forest. Tuvik pulled out his mace and started into the forest he though it must be a frost giant.
Sven’s idea of making it to the castle was being slowed by the rotting food in his stomach. His stomach was churning and he was farting the foulest smelling gas that he had ever smelled and he had smelled some foul gas before. Sven stopped and for a moment though he was going to be ok then he had a sudden urge to run and find a place to go to the bathroom. He started to run though the forest trying to get of his amour but at this point he though the rotten food was not going to wait for him to get his britches off. Sven made it to a tree just in time, he though he was going to die, he leaned up against the tree with a sigh and a few groans and grunting when all of a sudden he looks up and sees a stranger pointing a crossbow at his head. Sven is so happy that he is alive all he thinks of saying is, “do you have any leaves?” Tuvik starts to laugh and says you didn’t eat at the Ptomaine Inn did you? Sven just nods his head and miles. “Tuvik says,” More warriors have died eating there than slaying Red Dragons”. Sven says. “I am heading for the Red Dragon Castle to save the princess”. Tuvik says he is on the same mission but it will be he that gets the reward and not to mess with him. Sven says he not interested in the reward just helping his friends, Tuvik just looks at him with suspicion. Sven says we should get going all this noise has probably stirred up the frost giants. Tuvik and Sven head down the path to the Red Dragon Castle. 

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Anonymous said...

harry potter and the sorcercers stone
by J.K. rowling
Why was norbert taken away from Hagrid who took it and why. norbert was taken away because dragons are illegal.
Charlie was the one who got it. Heres some things. Charlie deals with many dragons so he took the dragon.

When Harry got the letter why didn`t want to go?
She knew that they would get in troublefor skipping class. but she finally went to the hut. Also exams are very close. They need to learn.

Why were Harry,Ron and Hermione eager to get rid of norbert?

They knew norbert would be trouble, especially if someone found him.So they had to get rid of norbert.

Why was Hermione Harry caught coming down the tallest tower.

Flitwick was hiding and
caught them with out the invisibility cloak.

Why did they have to go to the tallest tower?

charlie said some friends will visit so give itto the dragon to them.but they can`t be seen with an illegal dragon, so they have to bring it to the tallest tower.

by Gabriel Mcdonald

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Any one who sees this you should know Mr.Taylor is the best teacher on this planet,

byGabriel Mcdonald

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Ican`t what for the field trip it will be fun to have fun with you Mr.Taylor.