Friday, April 15, 2011

John Zickefoose Learned To Read At 35, Now Shares His Literacy Struggle With Kids

I'm Dyslexic, I was unable to decode any words using Phonemic Awareness,­p,d,b,and q are all the same letter. English was a bunch of cuneiform squiggles that swam around on the page. I did get by with memorizing words as symbols or memorizing books by listening very carefully. I was identified as dyslexic at age 9 and spent the next 6 years in special education purgatory. Many teachers assumed I would never read and just passed me on without teaching me to read. I eventually learned to read all words by sight! Same method as learning Chinese. I am a reading Teacher that has built a reputation of finding odd ways to teach reading! NO ONE SHOULD WAIT, OR HAVE TO WAIT FOR LITERACY!

Sean Taylor M.Ed http://rea­ding-sage.­blogspot.c­om
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